July 11th, 2009

Why Have So Many Republicans Launched Their Own PR Shops Recently?

In the past two months, at least six Republican PR agencies have come into being:

1. The Surge Strategies

2. Jackson Street Partners

3. Compelem Strategies

4. The Potomac Strategy Group

5. The Capital Communications Group

6. Amplifico

Clearly there’s a pattern here. Less clear is why, given the double whammy of a recession and the GOP’s status as minority party in the executive, legislative and, soon, judicial branches of the federal government.

Addendum (7/11/2009): Not only does this influx further saturate a shrinking market (GOP PR); these firms also are competing with at least nine center-right consultancies that specialize in the fastest growing niche in the field, new media:

1. The Adfero Group

2. The Bivings Group

3. The David All Group

4. DC Signal

5. Dialog New Media

6. Engage

7. Fresh Vision Media

8. iWeb Strategies

9. Kithbridge

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